How To Recover Once You’ve Fallen Off Track

Mariokart 64 isn’t your typical racing game.

Winning the race in Mariokart isn’t about speed; it’s about survival. 

Every track presents its own series of deadly obstacles. I’m talking inconveniently-located lava pits, giant thwomping blocks of disgruntled concrete, roving packs of jaywalking Goombas…(the list goes on).

Even more perilous are your fellow racers. Drop your guard for a second, and someone might take you out with a perfectly-placed banana peel, an expertly-hurled turtle shell, or a technicolored, star-powered rampage.

But as terrible as your obstacles and opponents can be, there’s nothing worse than falling off the track.

Sometimes you fall off track because some schmuck in 7th place used Shrinky Lightning at the worst possible moment, sending you careening off a bridge right before you reach the finish line.

Other times, your fall is of your own doing.

You drive too recklessly and swerve out of control on a turn in Boo Boardwalk. Or you get desperate and go for the heroic shortcut jump on Rainbow road, just missing the mark.

And now you’re plunging rapidly into the black abyss, along with all your dreams of victory.

Be it in Mariokart or real life, it always feels terrible when you fall off track.

The moment you realize it’s happening, you become possessed by the spirit of despair.

I’ll never learn that language.
I’ll never get in shape.
I’ll never start that business.

I’ll never recover from this.

After a point, it can start to look like all hope is lost…

…until then this guy shows up:

Whenever you fall off track in Mariokart, a turtle shows up in a smiling nimbus cloud to hoist you out of your predicament and place you back on the road with a fishing rod.

Now, it’s not as if it’s all Peaches and Daisies from here on. The precious seconds it takes to get back on track usually cost you several positions in ranking.

But at least now you’re back in the game.

In fact sometimes, with the right amount of luck, skill and mushrooms power-ups, you can come up from behind and clinch a first place victory at the very last moment!

And be it in Mariokart or real life, nothing feels better than coming back from a fall to win it big. 

If you’ve fallen of track with your goals and feel like you’re doomed forever, I feel your pain.

In my own life, I’ve probably spent more time off the track than on it. Each time I fell, I’d crawl my way back to the road and swear that I’d never fall off again. But then a month later, I’d be right back in the gutter again.

After repeating this process too many dozen times, I started thinking to myself:

“Screw it! Why even bother? I’m just gonna end up failing again like I always do.”

In 2016, I let this belief to slowly take possession of my being, to the point where it sent me spiraling into a months-long battle with mild depression.

But then one day I thought to myself:

“OK – so what if I fall off the track again? I’ll just get back on.”

I mean what else can you do after you fall? Quit the game and watch your friend play Pokémon Snap for two hours? What type of nonsense is that?!

You’re always going to fall off the track – that’s just part of life. What really matters is how quickly you can get back on.

For several years now, I’ve been tinkering with systems to help myself get back on track faster and stay on track longer.

It was a long uphill drive, with many a Mariokart-esque obstacle to overcome.

But last year, I finally had a breakthrough.

Now, for the first time in my life, I’ve been consistently and reliably effective in my work, all while maintaining  a near-constant serenity of mind.

The transformation has been so meaningful to me that I decided to develop this system into something other people could benefit from.

In essence, what I’ve created for you is a turtle in a cloud with a fishing rod. If you ever fall off, the system is there to pick you up and put you back on track.

In practice, the system exists as three week group training program. The tentative name for this program is:

The Life System Reboot

We just concluded the first version of LSR with several success stories. One student revitalized his mission to learn Mandarin Chinese. Another student used the program to win her first ever paying customer.

On Monday, March 26th until Friday March 30th, I will start accepting applications for the April program (limited spots available).

If you feel like you’ve fallen off track with your goals and you’re looking for a structured way to get back on, then join my mailing list to learn more about the application process.

Then before you know it, you’ll be back in the race.