Life Systems Reboot – Applications Open

Starting today, I am accepting applications for my new training program – Life Systems Reboot.

The application window for LSR closes Thursday, March 29th at 11:59PM EST.

In this post, I include the main details about the training. If you have any other questions, please email me at idahosa[at] and I will write you back personally.

Who’s this training for?

This training is for you if you feel stuck in any area of your life and want help getting back on track with your goals.

In last iteration of the course, the areas people focus on included:

  • Learning a complex skill like a foreign language or computer programming
  • Getting a new business venture off the ground
  • Cleaning and organizing a chaotic work and living space
  • Re-establishing a diet and fitness routine
  • Creating content for a youtube channel.

This program is also for you if you are feeling generally aimless, chaotic or overwhelmed and need something to help you re-establish a sense of direction, motivation, stability and order in your life.  

How Does the Training Work

The training is this program is based on the process I describe in this video:

Through a combination of real-world missions, emoji-packed video lessons, live group discussions, simple technology workflows, and private coaching calls, you will uncover the thinking/speaking habits that are holding you back in life.

The goal is to close the gap between what you WANT to do, and what you ACTUALLY do, so that you’re less dissatisfied:

The Life Systems Reboot helps you close your Dissatisfaction Gap by helping you establish what I’ve termed “The three C’s”:

  • Clarity (Know what you Want)
  • Commitment (Say What you Want)
  • Consistency (Do what you Say)

What Does the Training involve specifically?

If accepted to the program, you will receive the following:

  • 7 Missions over the course of 3 weeks.
  • 15 video lessons and tutorials.
  • 5 live group-training webinars and their recordings.
  • Two half-hour private phone calls with me.
  • Lifetime Membership to the Mindkeepers Online Community

What is the Timeframe for the training

The first mission for LSR begins on April 2nd, and the last mission concludes with the final webinar on April 22nd.

After then, there will be ongoing activities in the group that you may continually participate in for free as a lifetime member of the Mindkeepers community.

You may also repeat the Life Systems Reboot program as many times as you want at no additional fee, but only if you complete the training to the end. 

How Much Does the Training Cost?

I didn’t create Life Systems Reboot as a way to make money; I created it as an expression of my core philosophy and artistry.

In fact, most of the proceeds from this course are going to my good friend Yael, whom I persuaded to take time out from her busy work schedule to help me administer this course and enhance its quality with her creative insights.

So I don’t care how much money I make from LSR; I only care care about how effective it is at helping you get unstuck and back on track with your goals.

But for an online course to be effective, you have to feel invested. 

That’s why I don’t do the training for free. Research and personal experience has shown me that people don’t put the energy into courses they get for free or cheap. You need to put down a non-trivial sum of money to take it seriously.

But each person has a different relationship to money. What person A might consider a trivial sum, person B might consider a significant chunk of change.

That’s why you choose your own tuition fee for the Life Systems Reboot.

At the end of the application, you will answer a few questions to give me a better sense of what it takes for you to feel financially invested in the training.

Then if you’re application is accepted, I will suggest one or more numbers to you by email, and leave it to you to decide on the final number at checkout.

Whatever amount you pay after that, I will gladly accept.

Sound like a deal?

If so, then please click here to apply before the application period closes Thursday March, 29th at 11:59pm EST.

Otherwise, feel free to reply to this email if you have any other questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

12 thoughts on “Life Systems Reboot – Applications Open

  1. Hi Idahosa,
    I can’t tell you how relieved I am about this opportunity. I am in a struggle right now trying to better my life through weight training and dieting. I also have a great desire to learn Spanish and have already started the weight training and diet but life has been a struggle with not following through with plans that I have started. I hope that you will consider me for this exciting venture in changing my outlook and strategies with life. I am also trying to get a business off the ground but have been struggling with that also. Have a blessed week.

    Warm Regards,

    Jason Renaker

  2. I’m very interested. Too bad for me that my payday is Friday. But hopefully I will make the next round.

  3. How do I sign up to course? Can’t see link on iPad.

    Ps am really interested in language course as I recently bought babbles all you can eat buffet , but the format isn’t work8ng for me.

  4. I submitted and application, even though it is past your deadline; I only noticed the email today (April 2nd). I would be interested in the course if you should decide to offer it again sometime. I filled out the questionaire to see what it was like. But on question “e”, did you mean to have in that order? Shouldn’t it be switched around the other way, where you are asking why I want to prefer to succeed, and how tha relates to my core values? The way you have it now, causes my answers after to be addressing my failure, which doesn’t seem to fit into the final statement, which is why I said “no” at the end.

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