Welcome to Mindkeepers.io!

My name is Idahosa Ness and my mission for this site is to help you:

Spend More Time in a Good State-of-Mind.

On the blog, I write about overcoming fear, anxiety, self-contempt and procrastination through self-awareness, mindfulness, strategic thinking, and the precise use of language. I also discuss how to reduce the time you spend on social media, news, porn, and the other Mindkillers that sap your energy and focus.

Currently, I am building a community of people aiming to improve their sense of self-efficacy, connectedness, clarity and purpose. If you are interested in joining, please email me at idahosa[at]mindkeepers.io.

This site is new and still developing, so I appreciate your patience and whatever feedback you can provide. In the meantime, enjoy this video on how I transformed from Dreamer to Doer.